23 December, 2010

Rudolph the Mutant Reindeer versus Wolverine!!!

Haven't had much of anything to say recently. I've been vegetating on holiday leave, blowing off some steam. I look at stuff going on in the political world, and I'm still interested, but a bit disconnected. Maybe I just don't have the energy to go on a long rant at the moment about anything. Don't have much interest in going on about whatever comics or music I find interesting at the moment.

Editing the book has ground to a halt. I've been stuck in Chapter 4 for a week now, and I don't even know where those pages are. I'm not interested in going on to Chapter 5, just because it's a lot more work than it was to write. Needs to be done, I get that, but I guess it needs a little more time before I want to tackle it.

Here's Facebook posts related to the season I've been making today:

Christopher Woerner has been getting a lot of letters addressed to Santa Claus lately, and will probably save them if he needs to prove his sanity in court soon.

Christopher Woerner‎'s heart is two sizes too small, but he compensates with larger sizes elsewhere, if you know what he means.

Christopher Woerner never understands why people are so reluctant this time of year to talk about the Great Pumpkin.

Christopher Woerner doesn't want his two front teeth for Christmas. You can have them. Just bring them back by the New Year.

Christopher Woerner thinks the description of Grandma's death would be more accurate if the words "a reindeer" were replaced with "Grandpa in an alcoholic rage".

Christopher Woerner realizes how miserable everybody's lives would be if he jumped off a bridge right now. But he's not going to do it, because he wants to make people miserable while he's still alive to enjoy it.

Christopher Woerner wonders if Whoville has a pinball wizard named Tommy and a large following of mods. And the Grinch is up there singing "no one knows what it's like to be the bad man, behind blue eyes"

Christopher Woerner would be more disturbed by his old partner warning of ghosts and rattling around in chains if it didn't happen the other 364 f*cking days of the year too.

This year, as a break from linking to "Charlie Brown Christmas", here's Farley Towne.

And here's a fan-edited video for Queen's "Thank God It's Christmas". It's been a few years since I'd listened to it, and I was a bit surprised at how un-Queen-like it actually is. It's also been years since I've seen the videos the clips were taken from, and I'd forgotten how striking their big productions were. Anyway, here you go.

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