18 May, 2011

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Guzzler's Gin

The other shoe has dropped on the assault of Lara Logan. You remember, the infidel woman dressed like a whore who naively thought that Cairo during a revolution was a safe place to be.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, a white socialist with diplomatic credentials who had a good chance of being France's next Prime Minister, was taken off his plane just before departure because he was accused of raping an African immigrant working as a maid in the $3,000/night hotel he was staying at.

Apparently she's a Muslim too. Even though America ostensibly hates Muslims, and we're oh so racist - I'm guessing the maid isn't white, although it's only been said that she's African which doesn't mean a thing regarding skin color - her accusations are given enough credibility that the alleged rapist was hauled off by the police. Since he's considered a flight risk - thanks to the example set by Roman Polanski - the police are holding him, and reportedly he's on suicide watch now.

False accusations of rape do an enormous amount of damage to the accused. I am coming to think that those who make false accusations of rape should be punished as severely as actual rapists. Since rapists are scum and I have no intrinsic objection to summary execution (so long as the crime is confirmed beyond 'he said/she said') I think that would cut down on false accusations, probably more effectively than punishing rape cuts down on that crime.

Get it? Even a poor immigrant woman has rights in America, rights that are "endowed by [her] Creator", and no one deserves to be treated that way. The American legal system, for all its flaws, will help her find redress to the extent possible. The socialist who didn't give a damn about anything but his own urges - he's been accused several times before - will have his legal rights respected. Sure, fine, no problem, innocent until proven guilty. If he's innocent, I hope the accuser suffers for the harm she caused. If the law isn't sufficient, I have faith in karma.

If he's not innocent, the same thing applies. You don't treat an infidel woman dressed like a whore that way, you don't treat a Muslim woman that way, you don't treat anybody that way. It doesn't matter if you're French, Wrong Is Wrong!

If the reports are true and he's on suicide watch, I suspect it's because he's never remotely been faced with the consequences of his actions and, as a good politically-connected socialist who stays in fancy hotels, he never expected to. To suddenly be called to account for one's (alleged) actions, a lot of people would be driven to attempt suicide in those circumstances.

But it's not America's "puritanical" attitude towards sex that's at fault. It's the motherfucker who forces sex on a member of the servant class (or drugs a 13-year old because she keeps saying "no", as in the Polanski case) who's at fault.

It's tempting to suggest this falls on Dominique (really? A girl's name?) because he's foreign. But so is the accuser. So is Arnold Schwartzenegger, who suddenly admitted to his own infidelities and unlike his catchphrase, won't be back. I won't shed a tear for the Terminator, but at least he was democratically elected, and people knew who he was. Same with Newt Gingrich. Kahhhnnnnnnn! [as James Tiberius Kirk would say] is an unelected bureaucrat in the sort of shadowy offices that such rich depraved socialists favor, with the power to tell taxpayers of the world - who pay their salary - what to do with their money.

As I say, the other shoe has dropped in the Lara Logan assault.

Gingrich (what sort of parents would name their child "Newton"?) has just become the latest Republican Presidential candidate to self-destruct after Donald Trump. He isn't out of the race yet - it's only been about a week since he entered it - but he's already shown that he's not ready for Prime Time. His latest gaffe [I think, I haven't paid a great deal of attention to him] was that anybody who quoted what he said last week was a lying liar who was telling a lie. That's the sort of thing Obama will have to fight against now that he actually has a record, the opposition doesn't need to make the incumbent's job easier.

As a politician, Newt is fine. He has experience, can stick to his guns or compromise as the case may be, and is flashy enough that a large amount of the public could get behind him even if they disagree. But fairly or not, he's seen as a firebrand which is alienating in itself, with a penchant for going out on a limb when there's really no sensible reason to do so, as he's proven in the last week or so. He earned this reputation in the Clinton years - which he ended by having his own party tell him to resign - and attempting a comeback just isn't going to happen. Donald Trump had similar problems, a record of achievement that he got by telling (whoever) what they wanted to hear enough times that he could get what he wanted, which happened to be money and fame.

I think this is the effect Sarah Palin has had on American politics, left, right and center. Simply by being a potential candidate - she hasn't come close to declaring yet - she skews the discussion so far over to one side that no one else has a chance. If Hillary had chosen to run in 2000, it would have had a similar effect on the Democrats, just by being a woman with a credible chance to win.

Let's say Sarah Palin is everything her most devoted supporters say she is, that's still not good enough in my book (even though I would probably support her if she chooses to run; certainly against Obama - if the bar is already that low, why worry about who else can clear it?). A large portion of right-wingers and centrists like her, another portion of left-wingers despise her, and a lot of people don't think she's deserved the abuse she's received. If gender were removed from the equation, she'd coast to an easy victory 18 months from now. But it's not, and it can't be.

Since Palin is a Republican, no other Republican has a chance until she makes a decision. Unlike what Kaaaaaaahhhhhhn is used to, in America women actually have a say in what goes on. Even after she makes the decision, the men will still have to curry favor and win her approval, even on things that don't concern her. [This is why I've stayed single, nyuk nyuk]

Any Republican politican, qualified or otherwise, will have to deal with that fact and win her approval. My guess is she knows she doesn't want the Presidency bad enough to try and has already made that choice, but as a human being [women are sort of human, I guess] of course she wants as much influence on politics as she can get. She wouldn't have become a governor without that desire. Hell, she only got involved in politics because she disagreed with how the school board was doing things in her childrens' classes, and events snowballed from there until she became the Vice-Presidential candidate two years ago.

What, John Edwards was so much more experienced and morally upstanding? He was a serious candidate for the top slot, in two consecutive elections no less, and didn't have his private life revealed until after he'd withdrawn in '08. Even though he lived the sort of life that Dominique enjoyed, unbelievably rich and with no sense of consequences. When his mistress gets pregnant, he tells the world that the baby isn't his, it's his close personal assistant's, and the assistant goes along with it. Briefly, but that's how things usually work out. Yet one of the two major parties still saw him as a credible candidate.

I am not a Republican (political parties are stupid; it's their defining trait) but ideologically, I'd prefer to be on the side where such people are revealed as the self-destructive lunatics they are and fade quickly from power once that happens. At least we got the Contract With America and a bunch of movies from Gingrich and the Kindergarten Cop before they crapped out. Dominatrix Levi-Strauss could have been the next Prime Minister of France, and they'd known for a long time what sort of person he was: A Socialist.

Karl Marx, founder of international socialism, got his lifelong household servant pregnant and blamed his close personal friend Frederich Engels. Draw your own conclusions.

I screwed up on the last post's Youtube links, let's hope this works better. Red Skelton dissects The Pledge Of Allegiance.

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