24 June, 2011

Who is Seth DeSignor?

Long days at work. Things have gotten so rough, I've been putting in late nights as a stripper. Don't believe me?

I don't know what this all means or where it's going, but these were fun to make and I have ideas for more. I just can't let it take over finishing the book. I'm still not halfway through the fourth draft, and it's over three months since I had intended to have a finished product. Work's also been going well.

I could say more, but I obviously haven't gotten a lot of sleep lately, so I should catch up on some of that.

But my goodness, these were fun to make.

Here's a larger version of "Great Wall of China" by Gerhard.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Nice to see you are writing. Stop. Going to Trexas. Stop.
Colonel getting married. Stop
P.S. Working at last. Stop.