23 March, 2012

World Tour 2012

I'm not doing anything except staring at the computer screen, posting on a website, thinking some more, and posting the next step. So screw it.

If you're interested in having me show up somewhere in your neighborhood, post an address here or on Facebook. I have 30 days of vacation, starting Monday, and around 130 copies of my book. Virtually everything and everyone on the list of people I want to see is east of the Rockies. I intend to hit the West Coast in some way shape or form, but most of the remote locations would be driving by, taking a picture, and moving on with no incentive to stop. I could knock those out in a few days of hard driving without a reason to stop.

Here's your chance. Starting Monday, give me an address and a point-of-contact, either here or on Facebook. I'll see how you can be worked in to my itinerary and we'll arrange a meeting. If you're a musician, writer, artist, we can film collaborate, who knows? Maybe I'll say or do something stupid and get thrown out of the Army when I'm done. Soon I'll be one of the hopeless ramblers at one of the Occupy Movements, raping people and spilling feces everywhere. I'll blame George W. Bush for bringing me to such a degraded state. At the very least, I'll sell you a copy of "Life and Polonia."

I didn't spend any time at the original fort walls in Clarksville, Indiana. I might as well try that comic book store across the river that had locally-produced work for sale. There's also a couple of historical sites in the near South that I'll go see. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to work those into the trip home to the Midwest to see my family. Those are the priorities. Further information on this will be released as it unfolds.

Nothing illegal or that interferes with my safe return at the required time. There are limits to the terms of my leave, so obviously those have to be observed. I'm a boring person too. That said, comic books, politics, pop culture, beer, there must be some way to kill a few hours. Give me a point of contact and an address, I'll find some way to sell you a book.

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