16 October, 2011

I have shown him that a man without hope is a man without change...

Wow, Obama's almost doubled the number of nations he's sent US military forces, and he's only in his third year in office. That's what a Nobel Peace Prize will do for you.

Well, I guess we have to do something with the sudden surge of new recruits now that DADT is gone, as well as the straights who *would* have signed up if not for their moral objection to DADT. Kicking Central African ass sounds like a good first step. Why are we doing it again?

The "Fast and Furious" scandal continues to unfold. Emails informing Eric Holder that guns were being given to Mexican criminals without any way of tracking them have surfaced from months before Holder's testimony claimed he heard of the event. And there's footage of Obama from months before that saying when Holder first heard of the event which contradicts Holder as well.

Like John McCain being asked how many houses he owns, Obama and Holder don't have the slightest clue what they heard about or when, much less who's asking or why. Now there's a bunch of dead Mexicans killed by guns given to Mexican criminals by US agents, and other US agents shot by those guns. But there's no *there* there, so don't imagine the media will investigate anything.

The Solyndra scandal unfolds with similar lack of interest from the left. The government shoveled tons of money towards a friend in a 'favored status' industry, Obama and Biden both showed up for events. Warnings from long before were ignored, though they accurately said the company's business plan wasn't financially-sound. At least the right-wingers blow their money on drugs and porn stars up front (and tax-free!)

The Occupy Wall Street movement continues after several weeks. They are subsisting on other people's charity, one person even quoted as saying 'the food shows up, we don't know where it came from but we eat it' and putting the can of Spam back on the table. Obviously plenty of freaks, piercings, tatoos and Jew-hatred can be found, as well as calls for violent socialist revolution from people who don't have the first clue how to organize the revolution. Both the American Nazi Party as well as the American Communist Party have endorsed the movements which are spreading nation-wide.

I think it's the nihilism of the left reaching a critical mass. They are not intrinsically evil people, so they aren't going to outright burn and loot (much) but their most destructive elements are raging full force. If they have a chance for success, it will be based on the charity that provides sustanence they could not possibly get for themselves. If they could be provided with virtual reality all day every day for the rest of their lives, they would choose it without hesitation.

Cynical or optimistic, there are moments when I wonder if the point of society is to let 'those sorts' of people get as far away as they desire. The Tea Parties were full of people who had to show up to work the next day.

If times were normal, they would be clearly on the path to deflation, if not popping like a bubble. I think they are but it isn't yet visible. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. told Obama to disregard the Constitution and treat the nation as in a state of civil war. Why should Palpatine be troubled by the Senate any longer?

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman suggests that the government should act as though aliens were invading because they hate global warming. Then, when aliens turn out not to be invading after all, we'll get the double benefits of whatever leftist boilerplate he had just proposed. Strangely, people still pay attention to him as they do to so many others who have clearly run off the rails.

The CLASS Act, a central pillar of Obamacare, has already been declared a failure. What's amazing is that they aren't going to brazen it out through the election. They already had to drop the 1099 mandate, that would have killed small businesses by requiring a new form every time they buy 600$ or more of anything. Pencils, chairs, filling up the snack machines...

Was it worth it? Was it worth burning up all that political capital to tie up two branches of the administration for two years at 9% unemployment and wars building all over the world? What if they had turned their attention to America's Enemies in Central Africa before "deeming" bills passed? What if they had spent two years flapping their arms to fly like birds? I doubt the unemployment would be any higher, but we'd have a lot less crippling debt. Maybe the Senate would have even passed a budget sometime in the last 900 days like the law requireds.

I'm well into editing the second book. I'm just waiting on word that corrections have been made to the first one and I'll order a bunch of copies. I got my proof copy autographed by many guys in the unit. That's kinda awesome too.

I haven't yet decided how to handle internet 'sales'. Paypal is perfectly workable, but I fear and mistrust technology.

I'm still continuing to think of these books as 'sides', an a-side and a b-side for a collection that's roughly 200 pages. The format makes it work quite well, it looks like a lot of writing even though it really isn't. I'm also trying to decide if I should order the material chronologically or by subject. In a lot of ways it will work better if it's mostly in the order I wrote it, but what about reader convenience? Most people won't care about the stuff about comics, so why not lump it together? Not at the back where it'll be ignored, but up front where it will be skipped.

That way anyone seeing you with it will be amazed that you've read so far into a weighty tome, while skipping for the stuff that people have actually heard of, tv shows and music and movies and stuff. Then I could conveniently bunch up the Star Wars jokes, all for easier accessibility. Either way, I have a great deal of work left to do

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