10 October, 2011

It's all falling into place...

The Occupy Whatever movement is in full swing. It's supposedly speaking for the rights of the people to whatever they want from government.

Would he like toilet paper with that? To service and protect the public, indeed.

Obviously they have no official list of demands. How could they come up with one? They don't have to be at work any time soon, so they can't relate to anybody who does.

Gays now have that reason to serve they'd all been denied, fraternization and ditching that military commitment.

I can't imagine why the military wasn't looking to snap them up all along. No word on whether or not recruitment has gone up yet.

I have the proof copy autographed by most of the people I work with, who were all impressed. I'm finalizing arrangements for printing now, and have begun the next draft of the next book. This one will be pop culture, and the editing is going much more smoothly. It'll still be a while though.

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